3 Start-ups to Look Out For In The Maritime Industry!


Ship repair and maintenance is a very costly and complex business for ship owners. The outdated solutions that have been available to help with this process make an already complex process even more complex for the user. Because of bad specifications and difficulties in following up the shipyard, additional costs of 20% is very common (on projects averaging around 1.2 million USD).

Maindeck is a modern SaaS for the ship maintenance and repair industry, with a specific focus on dry-docking projects. They increase team efficiency with a tool designed to minimise friction between tasks, heavily reducing unforeseen costs and time spent at the yard. More impressively, they also scan project specifications and apply data science to generate content suggestions before its sent off to the shipyard or service providers. 

They also offer a mobile inspection app for which you can assign access to selected parts of a project. This means you can give access to both internal and external people, allowing you to streamline all type of information through Maindeck, including that from service providers and others. The app of course functions offline, and automatically uploads when it detects an internet connection. 

Maindeck is a very technology-savvy company. They take pride in being product and tech nerds, a stark contrast to the common sales cultures found elsewhere.

Although being a young company, they have already secured both Wilhelmsen and SeaDream to their client list.   

CEO & Co-Founder of Maindeck, Sasan Mameghani said:
"I started the company because as a former industrial mechanic I have seen and experienced the issues around dry-docking projects first hand. I realised that all the solutions available were outdated and knew that our team could create something way better for the industry. The secret says in creating a superior product lays in the intersection between an understanding of the industry and technology. We have always focused on building a strong team with experience from both worlds, and our modern approach has already put us ahead of competitors. With a strongly technology-focused team, we have the foundation to continue rapidly developing our great product. We are only at the starting line, there is a lot of great products in the pipeline. So the future will be even more exciting."


At Nautix, we work single-mindedly on our mission: make the shipping industry safer and more efficient.

Seafarers plan and perform complex operations every day on ships. The workforce of the 21st century relies on their training, experience, and management tools, which have not kept up with the changing times. These tools are inefficient in minimizing human error. As a consequence – people are injured, equipment damaged, the environment suffers, and our industry bleeds billions of dollars year on year.

Our application makes planning and execution of operations easy and simplifies complex safety processes for the 21st-century workforce. When at home, they can predict when to start driving with google predictions – why not provide the same level of sophistication to their often risky tasks? AI-powered prediction offers an unprecedented level of input in planning and risk mitigation, thereby improving operational performance. This approach influences user behavior toward proactive safety, human error reduction, and increasing compliance.

CEO & Co-Founder of Nautix Technologies, Tarang Valecha said:
“Nautix challenges the status quo and wants to digitally transform the maritime workspace for over 2 million seafarers globally. Today, millennials have taken over the majority representation of the workforce, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2030 this hyper-connected, tech-savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce. This modern workforce needs modern tools, especially the Maritime industry, where a shortage of labor, as well as skills, have been predicted. With increasing automation and advancement in the application of AI, it is our ambition to play a central role through innovation in supporting the current and future workforce, and the industry’s transition to autonomous shipping.”


FUELSAVE GmbH is an innovative energy efficiency enhancement and clean-tech company from Germany with a strong R&D background and IP portfolio and patents in various fields. FUELSAVE tries to combine own innovations with market leading suppliers and components to create turnkey solutions for combustion efficiency enhancement, energy storage, energy recuperation and waste heat recovery that help customers to save money while reducing the impact on the environment, to drive sustainable green technology that is economically viable.

With FS MARINE+  we developed an easy to retrofit HW solution ( 3-5 days including class approval and fine tuning) that is helping ship operators to reduce OPEX (10% NET OPX savings contractually guaranteed)  and become more profitable, while reducing the impact on environment (30-80% NOX reduction / 40% PM reduction / 15% Co2 reduction, etc) with a unique and patented solution that is a potential game changer for shipping / power generation. The solution pays itself through the achieved NET savings.

CEO & Co-Founder of FuelSave, Marc Sima said:
“We founded FUELSAVE to drive sustainable change that creates an impact and helps to serve the society and our environment by making various applications more energy efficient and combat climate change and global warming as well as to mitigate air pollution to reduce the health impact in support of a clean energy transition.

The next decades in shipping will be focus on energy efficiency enhancement and driving a clean fuel transition to support the decarbonisation of shipping towards net zero while operators need to stay competitive.”

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