Orca AI to Participate in Second Phase of Autonomous Ship Project

Orca AI, a maritime technology company based in Tel Aviv, is continuing its collaboration with NYK Group's subsidiary MTI and other partners in the second phase of the MEGURI2040 project, which is overseen by the Nippon Foundation. The project is being led by MTI and Japan Marine Science Inc as part of the Designing the Future of Fully Autonomous Ships Plus (DFFAS+) consortium, consisting of 51 Japanese companies. The project aims to address the global shortage of skilled crew members, especially in coastal shipping due to Japan's aging population. The MEGURI2040 project, launched in 2020, envisions fully autonomous navigation to mitigate the risk of human errors in navigation that could lead to maritime accidents. The first phase of the project concluded with the successful autonomous trial voyage of NYK's shortsea container ship Suzaku equipped with Orca AI's automated watchkeeper. This second phase, MEGURI2040 Phase Two, will focus on demonstrating ship-shore operations using various vessel types, including a newly built fully autonomous container ship, an existing container ship, a Ro-Ro vessel, a remote island route ship equipped for partial autonomous operations, and two fleet operation centers. Orca AI's CEO and Co-founder, Yarden Gross, expressed excitement about being part of Phase Two and highlighted the collaborative innovation and forward-thinking approach of their partnership with MTI.

LINK: https://www.marinelink.com/news/orca-ai-participate-second-phase-507640#:~:text=Tel%20Aviv%2Dbased%20maritime%20technology,administered%20by%20the%20Nippon%20Foundation.

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